Open Beta - Coming soon

#news, #beta September 9, 2023

Hello everyone.

We have got some wonderful news today! Audition Galaxy has officially concluded the Alpha phase and is now transitioning to the Open Beta, launching in the first half of September 2023! What does this mean? Open Beta allows everyone access to the game for free. No restrictions. Permanent access. You can play the game, connect with your friends and dance to your heart’s content anytime you want! All your account progress will stay - just like on any official server. You can think of Open Beta as an “official launch” for Audition Galaxy. A lot of work is going on behind the scenes, but here are some details we can share with you right now:

  • All accounts will undergo a final reset.
All account-relevant information, including but not limited to character name, character's progress (experience), den (beats), cash, couple records, fam, and avatar clothing, will be reset for the final time. Post-beta launch, your progress will stay.
  • The game will be undergoing daily & weekly maintenance frequently.
We will be scheduling maintenance to fix issues and update content. As the server is still in beta, unforeseen circumstances could result in sudden downtime to rectify issues. We ask for your understanding if such situations arise. Announcements will be made in-game and on Discord.
  • All users will be granted a finite amount of Cash on launch while we work on our custom earning system.
This is currently a high priority on our list. Since the earning system and updated item prices will not make it before the launch, we will provide players with a finite amount of Cash at the start to compensate. During this time, player-to-player gifting will be disabled. Moreover, the leftover Cash amount on players’ accounts will be reset to 0 once the earning system is in place. This is done to avoid situations where players hoard money on multiple accounts created by them. The earning system will allow players to earn Cash through gameplay. We will provide more information on this when we are ready.
  • EXP, DEN/BEATS, and CPs will be reverted to values and scaling found in the original game.
Moving forward, the team will analyze and increase the base gain rate based on the status and needs of the server. We will be monitoring the progression of the community closely and adjusting the rates of these values accordingly.
  • Certain items and/or features will not be available on launch.
We will be re-testing the functionality of these items and/or features before introducing them back into the game as a preventive measure to avoid creating bugs within individual accounts.
  • The Discord server will go through an overhaul.
With the transition into Open Beta, certain channels will be retired or reworked as we move into the new phase of our project.
  • Members of Discord will no longer be sorted by CAT/OAT roles.
The roles will still exist simply as a measure of commemoration for all our current members. Please note that we will not be reinstating these roles for members who have left and re-joined the Discord server.

We are excited to take this next step in development with all of you to provide you with the best Audition experience possible! Rest assured, in the next announcement, we will provide you with the exact dates of the Open Beta launch. Thank you for all your continuous interest and support!