Pumpkin Patches!

#event October 20, 2023

Event Details

  • MODE: Fashion Week 4-Key
  • WHEN: Multiple times at random until the end of Halloween (Nov 1, 2023 12:00 AM) GMs will choose to host the event spontaneously.
  • MISSION: Find your entire costume (Hair, Top, Bottom and Shoes) by the end of the song
  • SONGS: GM's choice
  • ROUNDS: At least 3 per event host
  • PRIZE: 25,000 Cash


  1. Purchase and wear the ‘Halloween Pumpkin’ set for Females or ‘Halloween Pumpkin Style’ for males in the mall. Everyone has been gifted 500,000 DENS to purchase this set required for the event.
  2. A GM will create the event room titled “Pumpkin Patch R1, R2, R3" (The number will indicate which round it is)
  3. The first 5 players to enter the room wearing the required set will be able to participate and play.
  4. If you find your entire costume (Hair, Top, Bottom and Shoes) before the song ends, you’ll be awarded 25,000 cash!
  5. Rewards will be given out within 24 hours of the event. If you have not received the cash within the timeframe, please send a ticket to Modmail in Discord.


  • Any player who enters the room not wearing the required set and a non-default hair (default hair does not count for this mode) will be kicked from the room. The next player in watch with the set will be given the chance to participate instead.
  • You may only win once per character, after which you will not be able to participate in later rounds again.
  • Players not following the rules, caught cheating, or behaving inappropriately or disruptively will be penalized at the discretion of the GM.
  • Any disconnections of the player from the game automatically results in their disqualification from the round. If the GM hosting the room disconnected, the room will be recreated with the previous players to redo the round.