Open Alpha 4 has ended.

#news August 14, 2020

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Open-Alpha event!

With over 5,000 downloads and roughly 3,500 new accounts made, this is without a doubt the most popular Open Alpha we've had in Audition Galaxy.

There were still some minor issues, but this was still our most productive Open Alpha by far, and we're beyond ecstatic to have you guys experience what the Galaxy team has been working for the past couple of years.

We would to take this opportunity to share some statistics we have from some of our most passionate Open Alpha Testers:

  • Highest Open Alpha Scores (Confirmed Legit Via Analysis)
    1. Wztk - 5,719,736 score
    2. Xigncode - 5,080,643 score
    3. Tykittykidz - 5,064,187 score
    4. ImBimbing - 4,967,295 score
    5. Magical - 4,962,764 score
  • Top Open Alpha Spenders
    1. alena - 38,230,940 cash spent
    2. Paanda - 17,919,801 cash spent
    3. Guinamarca - 14,298,900 cash spent
    4. Hayl0z - 14,290,872 cash spent
    5. Shine - 13,870,080 cash spent
  • Most Frequent Open Alpha Dancers
    1. shinra - 4,470 games played
    2. GoreJuice - 2,335 games played
    3. MoonTsuki - 1,427 games played
    4. Hakode - 1,321 games played
    5. Kyu - 1,310 games played
  • Most Active Open Alpha Players
    1. Quevo - 239 times logged in
    2. Xyo - 219 times logged in
    3. Nat - 206 times logged in/li>
    4. Bladenix - 194 times logged in
    5. Paiz - 183 times logged in

As a reward for their dedication to the Alpha, we are going to make these players Closed Alpha Testers (if they aren't already). If you are one of these players, please contact us via ModMail (on Discord).

We will continue working on Audition Galaxy, and will have news on the next open testing phase when the time comes.

We will have information regarding the Closed Alpha Tester application at a later time.

If you'd like to donate to the project, you can use our donate link:
Click Here.

Donations are only used to cover various server costs. In addition, donating does not guarantee you a Closed Alpha Tester spot.

We hope everyone had fun during this Open-Alpha event and hope to be able to dance through the galaxy with you all during the next Open-Event! 😁👍